“Amidst the rich harvest across the lush greenery Baisakhi has arrived in all its majesty.”

Festivals bring joy and happiness. Keeping up with the tradition of celebrating all the festivals with great fervour and gaiety, to acquaint the students with the harvest festival celebrated all across North India, Baisakhi celebrations were held at Shri Ram Global Pre School, Ludhiana.

The festival of Baisakhi marks the beginning of the month of Vaisakh!

Baisakhi was celebrated in high spirits. The school premises were aptly decorated depicting the harvest season. The children came dressed in traditional Punjabi colourful outfits.  They were acquainted with wheat crop and the stages of flour. The students enjoyed making Baisakhi cards using wheat stalks called ‘Sitta’ in Punjabi. A person was specially called to play the ‘Dhol’, an instrument particularly popular in Punjab. The tiny tots had lots of fun and enjoyed dancing with their teachers and friends.

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