Welcome to Shri Ram Global Pre School, Ludhiana. We are glad you are visiting our web site, and we hope it will help you to get to know us better.
Ms Shivani Chaudhry

Shri Ram Global Pre School is committed to academic excellence. We continuously strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment for our students and encourage them to explore and achieve their potential in various aspects of scholastic life. We seek to challenge and engage our students by providing them innovative learning experiences to enable capacity building for creativity, confidence and resilience to become independent and life-long learners with a social conscience.


In addition to developing academic skills, we furnish students with experiences that nurture aptitude in critical thinking, problem solving and team work through our creative, social, cultural, sporting and community activities

Our secure and caring environment, broad curriculum and dedicated and conscientious staff provide a range of opportunities to foster collaborative learning, critical thinking and develop positive relationships to allow our students to find their place in the future along with supporting overall wellbeing.

The firm support provided by our visionary, proactive and progressive management drives us to continuously engage and cultivate productive partnerships with all our stakeholders to become a high performing institution and endeavors to make it the first choice of parents for their wards.

I look forward to working with my students and all our stakeholders in this pursuit of enduring excellence.

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