Like every year children of Shri Ram Global Pre- School, Ludhiana, decided to take a pledge to make a lifestyle change that would impact not only those within the school but also the community outside of the school. The theme of this year’s Earth Day was decided in keeping with the prevailing circumstances. Although there are many ways to minimise our carbon footprint however, making dietary changes is a good place to start. The pre-school students learnt some simple ways like:

  • Reduce wastage of food
  • Say no to plastic
  • Reduce calorie intake
  • Increase intake of natural fruits and vegetable juices

A recipe of summer cooler drink was taught that contained three different types of drinks made from fresh coconut water and fresh fruit juices. A video for the same was sent along with the PPT on Facebook. We were overwhelmed to see the response of the children as they attempted to make the summer coolers at home and shared the videos with us and understood that the efforts that seem small can make a huge difference.


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