Summer camp is where children come together to have fun.  At Shri Ram Global Pre School premises, children developed a sense of independence as they tried new adventures. Various activities abiding themes were created for the pupils. Children enjoyed a fun filled workshop that lasted for 10 days.

The few glimpses of the activities are, Make it Monday (The day was filled with craft activities); Take a trip (Children went for camping and observed variety of animals with the help of the binoculars); Wonderful Wednesday (All the tasks were based on messy play such as paint gun shooting, painting noodles etcetera); Thinking Thursday (dedicated to science activities); Foodie Friday (learn about the basics of table setting); Milky Monday; Tough Tuesday (Dedicated to fitness); Watchful Wednesday (concept of opposites); Tasty Thursday (natural treasure troves of nutrients);Catnap Day. The major attraction of the Summer Camp was the Culmination Day wherein the parents viewed all the activities and craft enjoyed by their children.

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