Pre-School is the first step for the parent and children before they could get enrolled for the adventures of school life. And, for a smooth transition from home to school an effective settling-in program is essential for new joiners as the transition  can be difficult for some children.

To make this process easier, a three day settling in program was conducted by the school. Wherein, the parents were asked to accompany the child on the first day.

Day 1 included activities like rhyme room; butterfly craft making; throw the ball in the ring; pinnata wall and science experiment craft.

While on Day 2, the children were introduced to the class teacher. Parents’ endorsement of the teacher assists the children to trust and believe that they will be happy and safe in the teacher’s care.

These activities were followed by a run through of the daily routine such as circle time activity, lesson of the day, rhyme time, craft activity and dance.

Day 3, the most awaited day for the parents and teachers as on that day children entered the premises independently. It was a new experience for both the students as well as parents.