Janmashtami is one of India’s most popular festivals celebrated across the country with great zest and zeal, to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna. The students of Shri Ram Global Pre School celebrated this day with the same enthusiasm. The event was based on the legend of Krishna stealing butter, affectionately called ‘Makhan chor’. The children and the staff formed a human pyramid to reach the Haandi (butter & curd filled Pot). Everyone was overjoyed when they broke the ‘Dahi Handi’ to grace the celebration. This occasion brings people together, thus signifying unity and faith. Dahi Handi is the most ancient joyful game played and celebrated on Krishna Janmashtami.

The children came dressed in orange and yellow coloured traditional attire. The flute, revered as Lord Krishna’s divine instrument,  popularly known as murali was distributed among the pupils along with butter and mishri as takeaways.