Graduation Day

Shri Ram Global Pre-School, Mall Road celebrated ‘Graduation Day’ on Friday, 17th March 2023, at their school premises. The youngest batch of caterpillars welcomed the audience with a stunning performance and bid farewell to their seniors the butterfly students. The graduating class pledged to become responsible and thanked the teachers for the wonderful time that they spent together. Later, certificates were awarded to them and the principal wished them luck for their future learnings. Parents were ecstatic looking at the performance of their wards. Miss ShivaniChaudhry principal Shri Ram Global Pre School congratulated all the students and parents for their cooperation throughout the session in her speech and appreciated their faith in the school. She also thanked all the teachers for their hard work and dedication. The event took an emotional turn when the journey of the children depicting their tremendous growth and development was flashed on the screen. It was a big day for the little ones.