July 7TH is celebrated as the world chocolate day, the day is all about celebrating chocolates. The need to educate little children on the health benefits and joys of indulging in chocolates goes without saying.

Chocolate wonderland was created at the school for the preschoolers, wherein the tiny tots learnt that chocolates are made of milk, cocoa powder, and sugar, they were also taught about the health benefits of eating chocolates but in moderation, as excess can cause tooth decay. The children were introduced to ‘Willy Wonka’ the famous character from the movie ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’.  A Selfie room was created where they clicked pictures.

Garnishing the donuts, activity was thoroughly enjoyed with chocolate sauce and sprinklers Marshmallows were relished by all the children while Chocolate pyramid was another interesting activity. A hurdle track, collecting your cupcake along with chocolate lip balm activity were other setups  where the joy of celebrating Chocolate Day with their classmates was seen on the gleaming faces as the tiny tots bid goodbye for the day with blissful memories!


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